We were thrilled and blessed to work with GangGang to create an inspiring and captivating entry to “Butter”. This concept was created to uniquely amplify their vision.

Featured Press:
Indy Star

Chief Scientist:
Fredrick Miller III
Quantum Cavern: V.O.R.T.E.X.
Vivid Odes to Rich Traditions of EXcellence


The Quantum Cavern is a dimension beyond space and time that transforms the minds of those who glimpse it. It emanates energetic inspiration through our universally shared wave function, acting as phase cancellation to self-righteous harm. In the many years of the Quantum Cavern Research Unit’s explorations and expeditions within the Quantum Cavern, we have never seen an occurrence like this. Our initial studies suggest this “Quantum Vortex” is acting like an inspirational filtration system. The high density of artistic expression, coinciding with Butter III, has ripped a hole through our dimension. We believe the sympathetic vibration of the “Quantum Foam” is bonding to the fears in each visitor and realigning them to the wave of connection we all share across time.

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