Fredrick Miller III

Chief Scientist

  • Discoverer of the Quantum Cavern
  • Founder of Quantum Cavern Research Unit 1 [QCRU1]

I discovered the Quantum Cavern through the crucial trait that all great explorers possess; sheer dumb luck. while walking into my laboratory one morning I discovered a strange anomaly on the ceiling. where once was ugly 90s plaster there appeared a shimmering material that mesmerized me. diffused as if through a series of other worldy passageways just beyond it’s plane, came sounds of many kinds. as all scientists know, an unknown phenomenon needs careful study. I spent the day transforming my lab into a 24hr surveillance state. cameras, cables and sensors filled the room, drawn toward the new visitor in the room. the spot on the ceiling grew gradually each day. not more than a millimeter, but it indeed grew. occasionally the glowing light from behind it would change and voices and song would ripple out. other times it resonated with great peacefulness. I gave this substance the name Quantum Foam for it’s strange transformations and materialization of light and sound. it didn’t take long before I loathed the monotony of watching Quantum Foam’s slow growth. I decided that I had reached the point where manipulation was necessary. though reaching a hand through seemed compelling, I began with a small camera glued to the end of my broom. I stole a servo arm from a friend and 500 feet of sdi cable to maintain a safe distance. I know see how foolish I was to assume that safe, but my past self has the tendency of making foolish choices. I put on my 360° monitor helmet, hit record, and grabbed the remote control. after a 10 second countdown i pressed the ascend button. my first glimpse of the Quantum Cavern was more beautiful than anything I’d ever seen!